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Al Bean

Al Bean Desert Dueler 2020


Paul "Antman" Paterson and Al Bean have been working together on board design for longer than most. Over the years Ant has been able to relay constructive  feedback to Al on what works where, which has allowed Al to fine tune his boards to suit most conditions WA has to offer. 

6'0 18 3/8 2 3/8 27.3L
6'2 18 3/4 2 1/2 30.10L
6'3 18 7/8 2 9/16 31.5L
6'4 19  2 5/8 32.6L
6'6 19 1/4 2 11/16


6'8 19 1/2  2 3/4 36.9L


With Antman's love for the desert it only seemed right for Al to tailer a board to suit the fast, hollow Lefts it has to offer.

The "Desert Dueler" has a good amount of volume/width under the chest area making it easy to paddle, the low entry rocker also helps you get into waves early (which comes in very handy when your surfing the kind of waves Ant does). The Dueler's Low rails through the back third of the board and a pulled in pin tail give it plenty of hold meaning plenty of control and trust when the waves are on the hefty side.

Wether your heading up north, Indo or just hunting solid waves around the SouthWest the Desert Dueler will fill that hole in your quiver.


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