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LSD The Hammer


A board that loves to be put on rail in a bit of South West Juice! 



Staff members here at Boardstore have been testing these boards at the likes of Three Bears , Inji, North point and Main break and its safe to say the board loves the raw power of the waves here in the south west !


Shaper Luke Short from LSD Surfboards has been toiling away in the shaping bay, revisiting templates from the nineties and adding a modern twist to arm a vanguard of power surfers such as team rider Noa Deane and good friend Creed McTaggart. 


The Hammer 🔨🔨🔨

The Hammer was originally inspired by an early 90’s board that Luke Short had laying around the back of his factory in Yamba.

Shaping one up for Noa as a bit of a novelty, Luke drew a slightly more contemporary version, adding a touch of nose area together with a smoother entry rocker.

"It was during his first surf on the board that Noa’s friend and filmer, Mikey Mallalieu sent us a screen grab of one of the most vicious turns we had ever seen. A Hammer. We soon realised this was no novelty board and suited Noa's power surfing, especially in conditions that have plenty of push." - LUKE SHORT 

After getting back from Hawaii early 2020, Noa kept working on refining the model with Luke, and surprisingly found himself riding The Hammer model during most surfs.

"Now I'm pretty much riding these as my shortboard, just as I like them so much." - NOA DEANE

Nuts and bolts of the Hammer

The outline is on the sleeker side for control at high speeds, and the model has a substantial nose rocker combined with a lower tail rocker, allowing plenty of drive and hold when pushing hard though turns.

The increased nose curve helps to fit into steeper sections and to handle late drops.

We've found a small swallow tail seems to work best, giving that extra bit of bite through turns. And a classic subtle single to double concave adds a touch of extra spice 🌶️🌶️🌶️.

The Hammer isn't a groveller, it's designed to let the surfer unleash their biggest turns in waves with a bit of power. Reach for it when your local is pumping.

Noa's been riding his at 6'3" x 19 1/8 x 2 1/2 @31.1L, and this was his go-to board over winter here in Oz.

We’d recommend ordering it a couple of inches longer, and slightly narrower than your day to day shorty.