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Chilli Peppa Twin PU

The ‘Peppa Twin’ is the result from 18 months of Ramped fine tuning
through our ‘Project Black’ program testing and tweaking various
rockers, outlines and bottom contours with staff and team. We’ve arrived
at a paddling, speed generating and easy to ride performance twin fin
to fit in the quiver for intermediate to advanced surfers. It features a
smooth outline with enough width under the chest to raise your wave
count, into a pulled in swallow tail that holds a line anywhere from 2
to 6 foot surf. The rocker is a moderate entry into a moderate exit, just
enough on both ends to fly down the line when you put the pressure
on the front foot and release through turns when the pressure is
shifted to the back foot. We recommend a modern keel fin template for
a controlled feel and a more upright template for a performance ride.
Paired with our EPS Twin Tech construction this model is a ‘must have’.